Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Name: ttyutils

Developer: xiaohu417


Description: Ttyutils is a suite of UNIX terminal tools, it includes ttyexec, ttylook, ttyadmin, and a few extension programs. ttyexec executes command in a pseudo terminal, captures all stdandard output from command, and passes it to a built-in virtual terminal emulator and real terminal. user feel no differ between ttyexec executed command and direct executed command. by virtual terminal emulator, a event may be triger by a specific condition. for example, user want to execute a program by other program status, but want not or can not modify that program. ttyadmin is a administrator tool, which use ncurses(3X) window interface, view and control exists ttyexec instances. ttylook similar to BSD watch(1) program, but has fewer limits, and can interact with exists ttyexec instance, snoop on that terminal output, or input data to that terminal if writable mode was enabled. Ttyutils has not-bad manual in .info, .html, .pdf, and .ps format.

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