Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FontPage 2.0

FontPage - Font Viewing ToolName: FontPage 2.0

Developer: David De Groot


Description: This freeware tool lets you view and evaluate fonts on your PC that are not even installed! It supports viewing of fonts in different typefaces such as bold, italics and even in 3D. if you like then you may also print samples of fonts. It'd prove to be a great tool if you have already downloaded many fonts on your system or you have a CD full of fonts from which you only want to install the good ones.


  • Rich and easy interface
  • View any typeface in bold, italic, underline and 3-D styles
  • Print a specimen page for any font or print a list of them
  • Compare Window with two displays and user input box
  • Slide Show Function (to show fonts automatically with a user-defined interval)
  • Adjustable color settings in main display
  • Support for Visual Styles (for Windows XP and above)

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 1 MB]

Harry's Filters 3.0

Harry's Filters - Plug-In for Adobe Phtoshop and other compatible Iamge EditorsName: Harry's Filters 3.0

Developer: Harald Heim


Description: Harry's filter is a set of 69 different image effects. It is distributed as a Plug-In, which is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and lets you choose different effects without much hassle. The effects are categorized as Color, Artistic, Gradients, Patterns, Warp, Noise, En/Decrypt, Other and Nature. It also supports 64-bit encryption and decryption for images. Some of effects include zoom, paint effects, natural effects such as lighting, tornado, and polar lights. It also includes a 'Jump' button, which lets you jump through the tweaking and settings and randomly create great and unique effects. One more feature worth mentioning is the 'Play' feature that lets you create animation with random parameters.


  • Good number of effects (69)
  • Encryption and decryption possible
  • Animation feature supported

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 523 KB]

Water Ripples Plug-in 1.3

Water Ripples Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other Compatible Image EditorsName: Water Ripples Plug-in 1.3

Developer: Redfield Plugins


Description: This is a freeware Adobe Photoshop compatible Plug-In (add on) which gives you the power to create stunningly real water ripple effects right from Photoshop (or other compatible Photo Editor). This tool includes various effect settings to create realistic water ripples including 3D effects. One nice feature is the random setting effect, which always create unique effects without much manual tweaking.


  • Includes lots of settings to have better power on what is created
  • Random effects may be created very easily

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 117 KB]

WinFF 0.2+

WinFF - Video Format Conversion ToolName: WinFF 0.2+

Developer: BiggMatt Software


Description: It is a great tool for converting video files from one format to the other. It supports video files such as MGEG, AVI, MOV, FLV (Flash Video). It is easy-to-use and it does batch conversion too. One of the great things about this tool is that besides batch-conversions it also supports conversion of multiple files to multiple formats simultaneously.


  • Supports MGEG, AVI, MOV, FLV (Flash Video)
  • Multiple file conversion to multiple formats
  • Fast and easy-to-use GUI

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 3.62 MB]

Cult3D 5.3

Cult3D - 3D interative  appliaction craetion toolName: Cult3D 5.3

Developer: Cycore


Description: Cult3D is a freeware tool to create outstanding 3D presentations, Web stores etc. It supports exporting of models from 3D Designing tools like Maya and 3Ds Max. As said, it can be used to create stunning 3D interactive applications supporting full transparency, reflectivity, particle systems, bump mapping, phong shading, movement and sound etc. it can also be used to create web applications and life-like product presentations.


  • Many 3D effects supported
  • Can export from other popular 3D editors
  • Created presentations can be incorporated into many applications like MS Office, Websites etc. with the help of plug-in
  • Particle system creates stunning effects in real-time

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 11.5 MB]

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

UnFREEz 2.1

UnFREEz - GIF animation creating toolName: UnFREEz 2.1

Developer: WhitSoft Development


Description: This is a little tool to create animated GIF files from a set of non-animated images. Main difference this freeware and others is that it is meant to do only ONE thing, create animated GIFs. Its damn easy to use, just drag-and-drop images, set the frame-rate hit OK and it's done.

NOTE: I've heard of some problems of it being detected as a VIRUS, so please visit its developers site and check.


  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Incredibly small

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 20 KB]

Add/Remove 1.0

Add/Remove- Prank ProgramsName: Add/Remove 1.0

Developer: RJL Software, Inc.


Description: This is one of those Prank Programs that looks shocking but is harmless. This prank program is so real to shock even the most experienced users. What it does is it pretends to uninstall all the software installed on the system. It looks real because only the software that are Really installed are pretended to be uninstalled thus looking absolutely REAL.


  • Harmless
  • Great Prank
  • Shocks even the most experienced users because it’s smart enough to pretend to be uninstalling only those software that are previously installed on the system.

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 113 KB]

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Slow Clock 1.0

Name: Slow Clock 1.0

Developer: Quinnsoft


Description: Who doesn't like to play pranks on others? Well everyone does and prank programs like this are harmless but fun. It is prank tool that slows down your (or your victims) clock by 10%. It is designed such that it remains unnoticeable.


  • Remains unnoticeable
  • Harmless

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 113 KB]

IEmage 2.5

IEmage 2.5 - Internet Explorer Toolbar Skinning toolName: IEmage 2.5

Developer: Hermann Hehn


Description: It's a nice tool to skin your Internet Explorer Toolbar. It helps you put any image as a skin or background for internet explorer. We know Internet Explorer 6 is boring compared to Opera and other browsers that support skins but at least this tool would give some eye-candy.


  • Images of any size may be used

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 522 KB]

Friday, October 26, 2007

StartSoundRandomizer 2.4

Name: StartSoundRandomizer 2.4

Developer: Matthias-M. Christen


Description: This nice little freeware helps you randomly play different sounds at windows start-up. So gone are the days when windows always plays the same sound when starting or you had to change it manually.


  • Small utility
  • Doesn’t use much resources

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 13 KB]

3D Screen Creator 0.3.2

3D Screen CreatorName: 3D Screen Creator 0.3.2

Developer: Alain Bocherens


Description: This is a very nice tool to create 3D animations and screensavers. It uses DirectX to render graphics, which means fast and smooth animations. It lets you import 3D models from your favorite 3D modeling tool like 3DStudio, Lightwave etc. and wrap them with your favorite images (Textures). It also includes pre-defined primitives such as cube, sphere, cylinder, torus etc. for you to use. That means to create simple animations and screensavers you don't even need to design models, just texture those objects with your favorite photos or images.


  • DirectX 8.1 Accelerated engine
  • Import multiple 3D Object format (Lightwave(LWO), 3D Studio (3DS),DirectX (X))
  • Import pictures and textures (BMP,JPG,PNG,TGA)
  • Animated meshes using vertex tweening
  • Fog effects
  • 3D and 2D fonts available
  • Creates stand-alone EXEs
  • Royalty free, which means you can even SELL your work
  • Add your favorite MP3 music as sound for your screen saver.
  • WYSIWYG, never bother about the end product, it’d always be what you DESIGNED

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 2 MB]

ScreenSaver Commander 1.1

ScreenSaver CommanderName: ScreenSaver Commander 1.1

Developer: Badevlad Software Company


Description: Everybody loves cool screensavers and have their favorites but when you have more then one favorite then you have only one choice, to choose one and change it manually when required. Now, you don't have to! Thanks to this freeware, you can run your favorite screensavers randomly or in an order, you like. This was a cool feature missing in windows, which this software brings to you.


  • Automatic / manual creation of the list of all installed screen-savers
  • Viewing of properties of screen-savers
  • Adjustment of screen-savers
  • Change time-out for screen-saver
  • Change screen-saver password
  • Setting list of conditions, to prevent a screen-saver from starting when some applications are running

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 275 KB]

Thursday, October 25, 2007

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2007.1

RealWorld Cursor EditorName: RealWorld Cursor Editor 2007.1

Developer: RealWorld Graphics


Description: This freeware helps you create and edit both static (.cur) and animated (.ani) cursors files. It may be used to convert images to cursors too. It includes many useful features and filters such as Sharpen, Soften, Motion Blur, Drop Shadow, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Transparency, Rotate, and custom filters in an easy-to-use interface.


  • Outstanding compatibility
  • Creation of cursors from 3D models
  • Capable of Drag and drop
  • Creation of cursor from images

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 9.8 MB]

Foxit PDF Reader 2.0

Foxit PDF ReaderName: Foxit PDF Reader 2.0

Developer: Foxit Software


Description: Although there are many big PDF readers that are actually free but this ones different. Its due to its incredibly small size (just over 2 MB) and fast loading times that Foxit Reader is so popular. You'll be glad to know that while its small but the feature set is as big as any other PDF reader. New version also includes direct conversion of text from PDF files to simple text files, so you don't need text extractor to extract text from the PDF files.


  • Incredibly small
  • Breezing-fast
  • Annotation tool
  • Text converter: You may convert the whole PDF document into a simple text file.
  • High security and privacy

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 2.3 MB]

Ac Browser Plus

Ac Browser Plus - Windows File ManagerName: Ac Browser Plus

Developer: Konrad Papala


Description: This is a nice freeware file manager for windows. It includes many handy features integrated like Image Viewer, Image Converter, FTP Client, File Finder, Encryption/Decryption, Compression etc. There are so many tools integrated that you won't need any other application to manage your files! One other nice feature is mass file renaming.


  • Many tools integrated
  • Nice and useful features like mass renaming and folder sync
  • Documentation included

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 2.9 MB]


PDF2EXE - PDF to self readable EXE converterName: PDF2EXE 1.0

Developer: CoolPDF Software, Inc.


Description: This little freeware helps you distribute PDF files in the form of standard Executable files which can be read on any PC without the need of Adobe Reader or any such PDF readers. Although, nowadays it's hard to imagine someone's PC not having PDF readers installed but it's a nice and useful software anyway.


  • PDFs can be converted to self-readable EXEs
  • No royalties involved in distributing the converted files

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 1.56 MB]

CC PDF Converter 0.6

Name: CC PDF Converter 0.6

Developer: Cogniview


Description: This freeware lets you write PDF files from your favorite editors such as Word, Excel or any other application that supports printing. This software creates a Virtual Printer, visible from any application and hence allowing you to create PDF files form any application. Some of its feature includes the ability to include the Creative Commons License in your PDF files


  • Enables you to write PDF files from any application
  • You may use your favorite software to create nice files and convert them to PDF
  • Easily embed Creative Commons License

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 7.3 MB]

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quick Envelopes Free

Name: Quick Envelopes Free

Developer: EDiT Inc.


Description: This is a simple and easy-to-use Envelope printing tool. Yes, you can print envelope with the plenty of word processors around but this one's damn easy to use and is specifically meant for printing envelopes. It supports plenty of different formats and printing sizes.


  • Covers all commonly used envelopes
  • Create custom sizes from 4 x 5 to 8-1/2 x 11
  • WYSIWYG display
  • Block, Indented, and Centered addressing styles
  • Independent Font Selection of every address line
  • Automatic detection of printer envelope support
  • Extended Print Feed option covers almost any printer
  • On Line Help

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 2.05 MB]