Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Infobook 1.1

InfobookName: Infobook 1.1

Developer: Fisoft


Description: This is a handy tool to store and access several types of information such as address book, CD collection, web sites, etc from one place. It includes large number of categories etc. to store all the information in a very efficient manner so you wouldn’t have ANY problems accessing them in future. Also included are several other features like searching, replacing, sorting etc.


  • Infobook can be used for storing data (address book, CD collection, web sites, etc.)
  • Includes 20 categories with up to 3000 different items in each category
  • Fast, easy to use, quick search and sorting, customizable
  • Version 1.1c includes image storing in 5 positions, text replacement and field export for using it in other programs, like Excel

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: N/A]

Contact Numbers 1.5

Contact Numbers 1.5Name: Contact Numbers 1.5

Developer: Mike Fletcher


Description: Contact Numbers is a freeware tool to store contact information of your family and friends. It is one of the easiest to use tool so even a newbie won’t have much trouble using it. There are not many functions which could have made it a complete Personal Information Manager, but a good tool to store contacts nevertheless.


  • Easy-To-Use tool
  • Does only a few things therefore is simple to use

Download: Direct Download (From Developer's Server) Goto Developer's Download Page [Size: 262 KB]